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Council ‘Spy Pads’ Come to Manchester

Council backed Minority Report style ad boards have hit Manchester City Centre streets. When the MiGuide wayfinder scheme was announced it was revealed that “Facial recognition technology built into the screens will enable advertisers to target ads based on the age and gender of users”. Far from finding this creepy, council boss Richard Leese said “these interactive screens are intelligent tools on our streets” as if a new invasion of our privacy was something to be proud of. It is beyond ...
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We need homes for families – not empty offices

Walking around the city there is a very familiar sight. To Let Signs, empty offices and buildings falling in to disuse. Entire new blocks continue to shoot up, yet remain empty. There has to be a better use for this resource. As it happens, there is a new initiative to deal with this problem. The Government has launched new planning measures to ensure empty and underused offices can be swiftly converted in to much needed housing. Coming from the coalition, it is not surprising that there are ...
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Manchester Council Hits The Wrong Note

  Council budgets are under pressure right now and so much of our city is in need of regeneration. This is why many have been shocked at the Labour council's decision to blow a whopping £425,000 putting on an MTV concert featuring Alicia Keys. Not content with bank bailouts, we are now getting music industry bailouts as well. This seems all too typical of a town hall that seems obsessed with style over substance. The council has attempted to justify the event by claiming it repres...
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Local anger mounts about Ancoats Dispensary threat

The threat to bulldoze Manchester's heritage continues to draw closer. However, local activists are continuing to campaign to save Ancoats Dispensary. I met up with some of them outside the building as they were gathering petition signatures and raising awareness. We got out of the rain under the bus shelter by the Health Centre and talked about the current situation. It's clear that residents feel let down by the Labour party, as councillors and the MP haven't been listening or actin...
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“Democracy is something that happens to other people”

A couple of years ago,  at the 2010 General Elections, everyone was shocked and abhorred that the BNP took 4% of the votes. "Who voted for those fascists?!" and "Where is our Democracy going?" were among the things people were shouting about. And yet only 47% of Mancunians actually went out to vote! This means that 53% stayed at home implying that "Democracy is something  that happens to other people"! Many of them say they are "not interested in Politics", "Politics is boring", "All Politicians...
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Open Manchester

The Pirate Party "To do list" - Priorities for Manchester City Council Taking Part Many of us in Manchester feel left out of local politics. Far too few of us think our voice will make a difference, or are able to get involved. In all the wards where the Pirate Party is standing only 1 in 4 people turned out to vote last year. The council has been letting local democracy die away . The council must make a goal of getting more people to participate in elections. Otherwise only a select few ...
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