The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013

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Help Give Manchester a Different Voice

Help Give Manchester a Different Voice Hi - I'm Loz Kaye! It's time for Manchester Central to have an independent voice. I want to stand to restore faith in our broken democracy, to speak out for our freedoms and make a Manchester – and country- where everyone can get their fair share. I've been backing grassroots campaigns to stop companies ruining our city by letting buildings stand empty when they should be used to benefit the community. I've been challenging the Manchester planning co...
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Loz Talks to Mancunion

The Pirate Party has always been passionate about giving young people a voice. A voice that is so often ignored by other parties. At the heart of our programme is reversing tuition fees, ending age discrimination in the benefits system, supporting votes at 16, and reinstating EMA. So Loz was happy to be interviewed by Mancunion - the student newspaper at Manchester University. He talked to Sam Dumitriu about surveillance, filters, and politics in general you can read the interview here.


Loz Candidate in Ancoats and Clayton By-Election

There will be a further by-election in Ancoats and Clayton ward this year on December the 5th following the passing of Councillor Mike Carmody. Loz Kaye will be the Pirate Party's candidate. "It's clear that we need someone who will stand up for everyone in this ward, and that knows it well. We also need an independent voice to stick up for residents. I can be that voice." - Loz People in Ancoats, the top part of the Northern Quarter, Angel Meadow and Clayton should have had their polling ...
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PCS Make Your Vote Count Campaign Response.

The PCS have written to all the candidates in the Manchester Central By-Election asking them to commit to a number of pledges that support public sector workers as part of their "Make Your Vote Count (MYVC) campaign".  This is my response to their written questions.  You can of course always see more about the Pirate Party's positions in our Manifesto, or about the positions I am taking in Manchester in the Manchester Manifesto.   Both the Pirate Party and I support unconditionall...
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Manchester – The Digital Debate


Loz Kaye – Let’s scrap tuition fees


Local anger mounts about Ancoats Dispensary threat

The threat to bulldoze Manchester's heritage continues to draw closer. However, local activists are continuing to campaign to save Ancoats Dispensary. I met up with some of them outside the building as they were gathering petition signatures and raising awareness. We got out of the rain under the bus shelter by the Health Centre and talked about the current situation. It's clear that residents feel let down by the Labour party, as councillors and the MP haven't been listening or actin...
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LGBT Manifesto

I’m really pleased to announce that I have launched my LGBT manifesto for Manchester Central. Marching again in Manchester Pride yesterday with geek pride and seeing such a great reception from thousands of people really brought home how far we have come, and how much work there still is to do, my LGBT Manifesto should show what I think we can do next. The manifesto picks up on some of the things we campaigned on here earlier this year in Manchester during the local elections, these are t...
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A Politics for Open Networks

I  was invited to talk at the 'Open Here' festival, an event at HackLab at the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin.  The event ws organised by the CTVR / The Telecommunications Research Centre, in collaboration with the Dublin Art and Technology Association (D.A.T.A).  It intends to address social, technological and cultural issues surrounding the notion of the digital commons. This is what I said: Networks – Connections The essence of a network is its connections and, indeed, the multipli...
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Manchester libraries – our shared culture

There has been quite a bit of controversy about lack of transparency on plans for Manchester Central library to dispose of an unprecedented number of books during its refurbishment. Mancunian Matters covered the story here For the record, my comment- If there is confusion about the future about the Central library's book stock, Manchester's Labour council only have themselves to blame. In a typical lack of transparency, no attempt has been made to really engage with concerned readers, o...
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