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Council Dismisses LGBTQ Community Concerns About Pride

The Council chose to dismiss LGBTQ community concerns about Manchester Pride in their Neighbourhoods Committee and ignore them in their sketchy 3 page report on the annual festival. The biggest concern remains the fall in charitable donations- from 2011's £107,000 to 2012's £52,000 to 2013's announced £34,000. What is also of real concern is the lack of clarity over the nature of that £34,000 figure. It was reported that in 2012 the charitable contributions were topped up out of reserve funds...
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Row over Council Village Opening Hour Crackdown

A major spat has broken out on Manchester Council proposals to hit the Gay Village with closing restrictions. The LGBT community hub could get the city's first ever Early Morning Restriction Orders. The idea is supposedly to curb crime even though they admit crime is falling. The plans contained in a council report have left Canal Street and surrounding businesses feeling unfairly targeted, and a they have launched a petition to stop restrictions on peoples' night out. This debate poses diff...
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Pride – Looking Forward, and Looking Back.

I'd like to thank Josh and everyone else who helped organise the Geek Pride contingent at Manchester's Pride Parade and all those turned out to support us. It was a really fun day, fantastic to see so many people along the route, and the geek presence and placards certainly brought a lot of smiles to people's faces. It's nice to do something which has a political aim which also makes people happy. And Pride is political. The weekend has thrown up more examples of why it's still necessary,...
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LGBT Manifesto

I’m really pleased to announce that I have launched my LGBT manifesto for Manchester Central. Marching again in Manchester Pride yesterday with geek pride and seeing such a great reception from thousands of people really brought home how far we have come, and how much work there still is to do, my LGBT Manifesto should show what I think we can do next. The manifesto picks up on some of the things we campaigned on here earlier this year in Manchester during the local elections, these are t...
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Ideas for Manchester

I'm really happy to launch our manifesto for the Manchester Central by-election coming up in November. In the months ahead the reality of the financial crisis and cuts will bite, Manchester is already feeling it. We are in a dire position, but I'm setting out what we need to do about the economy and jobs. We need to have the imagination to use the talent we have here to build jobs with a living wage. And there must be no repeat of mistakes of the credit crunch- I'm calling for real powers...
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