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Care Data Chaos

The start of a controversial new NHS data sharing scheme has been put back 6 months. The programme is intended to bring together information about how you have been cared for in the GP and hospital sectors. But concerns have been raised about the prospect of keeping all the information in one place, with campaigners saying that it could lead to privacy problems and data breaches. Most worrying is the proposal for your health information to be made available to private firms. I...
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Successful Action on Abandoned Syringes

We often get reports of abandoned syringes on Manchester land via social media and from door knocking, for example in Clayton and Beswick. This obviously concerns residents, and it's a worrying sign of vulnerable people not getting the support they need. We've recently reported a whole load found in the Piccadilly Basin and Northern Quarter areas. This isn't made any easier by the piecemeal privatisation of space in city. The council won't remove any on private land - so it can be a job findi...
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NHS 111 Contract: New Crisis for Manchester Health Line

The coalition's NHS 11 health line has hit new woes as provider NHS direct revealed they plan to pull out of the Greater Manchester contract, along with 10 others around the country. The service has been hit with problems since it was brought in to replace NHS Direct as the number to call for urgent but non emergency care. NHS Direct have described the 111 contracts as 'unsustainable'. Problems have included calls unanswered for up to 45 minutes, poor advice and misdirected calls. An investig...
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NHS Walk In Centre Closure Threat

It seems as we come in to autumn it doesn't just rain in Ancoats, it pours. The latest threat to the area is the reported closing of the walk in health centre, which is facing being cut in October the Manchester Evening News reports. This would be a major blow to the health provision in the area. City Centre ward has already had the loss of an innovative commuter centre in Manchester Piccadilly. The big advantage of the walk in centres is that they are easy to use and are a way of helping access...
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LGBT Manifesto

I’m really pleased to announce that I have launched my LGBT manifesto for Manchester Central. Marching again in Manchester Pride yesterday with geek pride and seeing such a great reception from thousands of people really brought home how far we have come, and how much work there still is to do, my LGBT Manifesto should show what I think we can do next. The manifesto picks up on some of the things we campaigned on here earlier this year in Manchester during the local elections, these are t...
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No to NHS Charges in Manchester

Manchester Council is reported to be investigating charging for A and E - in the name of dealing with alcohol related injuries. Councillor Glynn Evans is quoted as saying the best way to change people's attitudes "is to hit them in their pocket". It's vital we defend the principle of the NHS being free at the point of use. I'll oppose any Manchester Council move to undermine that if I am elected. We should be focusing care on helping people with alcohol dependency problems. Hitting peo...
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Open Manchester

The Pirate Party "To do list" - Priorities for Manchester City Council Taking Part Many of us in Manchester feel left out of local politics. Far too few of us think our voice will make a difference, or are able to get involved. In all the wards where the Pirate Party is standing only 1 in 4 people turned out to vote last year. The council has been letting local democracy die away . The council must make a goal of getting more people to participate in elections. Otherwise only a select few ...
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