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Environment Worries After Clayton Fire

Residents and canal users have voiced concern after a dramatic blaze at a pharmaceutical development plant in Clayton. Following the fire what the Manchester Evening News described as a "wall of foam" built up along the Ashton canal by the Etihad Campus. By late afternoon on Easter Monday pollution had spread all the way along the canal from Beswick to Holt Town. The sight was a grim one on what should be the pride of Manchester, our historic waterways. The company Carbogen Amcis who run t...
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Bin Labour’s Privatisation

Fears for public services. Residents,Unions and workers have reacted angrily to plans to fully privatise Manchester's bin collection and street cleaning service. Labour bosses chose to follow on in the footsteps of Thatcher at their Executive Meeting. Currently the bin collection is partly outsources and street cleaning is handled by the Town Hall. Jimmy Thornton, speaking for the Union Unite warned that the terms and conditions of workers could be at risk thanks to the the plans. "The ...
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Spring Cancelled: Trees Crushed at Pomona

Now spring is on its way it's a bit of a chance to get out and enjoy the warmth when it comes and plants starting to come in to bud. One favourite spot for people from Manchester, Salford and Trafford alike is the stretch along the canal between Cornbrook and Pomona. It's one of the few big open spaces at the heart of Greater Manchester. Its wildness is for many a blessed contrast to the deathly dull of places like Spinningfield. City residents were then alarmed and dismayed to see landowne...
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Long Term Solutions for Litter #TrashTalkMCR

It's good to see the council putting a focus on litter in our environment. Whether it's our streets, canals or open spaces like Clayton Vale there is a lot of rubbish and flytipping out there and it's one of the main things you bring up with us. We've been leading the way, particularly on hazardous waste like needles. But it's going to take more than a cheery campaign to make a lasting difference. There are two things that would make a big difference. 1- We've been calling for a bottl...
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Manchester Council Buries CO2 Emission Hike #Fail

Manchester Council have attempted to bury a rise in their emissions in their latest climate change action plan report. The Town Hall is supposed to be committed an ambitious plan to reduce emissions by 41% over a decade. There is no way that the UK will be able to meet its international climate obligations if such a large city as Manchester does not pull its weight. The latest report announces a fall of 10% since the 09/10 baseline, and officers hailed it at the scrutiny committee meeting....
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Victory (For Now) On Zombie Carparks

Following Pirate Party Manchester's focus on landgrabs in the city for ugly pop up carparks the council's planning committee threw back the bid by Simple Intelligent (sic) Parking with “minded to reject”. So a welcome result for grassroots campaigners who have been fighting for the environment and businesses in the Northern Quarter. Neither SIP, nor were the new Ancoats and Clayton councillors present at the meeting. It's not the end of the road because being a zombie this plan can still ...
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Zombie Carpark Blight Continues

The greying of Manchester is set to continue as city planners are recommending allowing the carpark on the former Ryans site on Oldham Street. “Zombie Carpark” operators SIP parking swooped in without planning permission after the building burnt down last year. Residents were unimpressed with the blight on the Northern Quarter. Feelings ran so high the Parkstarter initiative came in and turfed over a corner in protest.... Manchester Labour promised an end to ugly carparks popping up. They alr...
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10 Ideas For A Better Manchester

1 Improve Housing Hold housing associations to account and the council should use the powers it has to make for developers and landlords look after property. 2 Regeneration For All The pace of renovating housing needs to increase from the streets of Clayton right in to the Northern Quarter. Let's change the focus from yet more empty offices to much needed homes. 3 Protect Tenants - Bedroom Tax free Manchester People need help and practical support now, not after a General Election...
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10 Steps For A Better Manchester Council

REGENERATION FOR ALL The pace of renovating housing needs to increase from the streets of Clayton right in to the Northern Quarter. Let's change the focus from yet more empty offices to much needed homes. We need a champion to stop poor quality development – too many of us have leaking rooves and problems where we live. Let's stop any more mess ups like the now closed bridge to Cotton Field Park. The council is letting developers and private carparking firms do what they like, then givi...
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Manchester: Taking Back the Space

Free talk by Loz Kaye as part of the 'Heritage Hostage' Exhibition Events. Manchester is in a planning crisis. There is no new vision for our city post the economic crash and housing bubble burst. The amazing architectural heritage of Manchester is under threat, while dull empty office blocks are thrown up. Empty houses and tower blocks blight our communities while homelessness rose in the area 10% last year. Fleeting garden festivals are funded, but the city is being slowly choked by substan...
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