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Museum of Science and Industry Under Threat

News that Manchester's popular science museum MOSI is under threat has been greeted with shock. In a few days a petition of support has gathered over 30,000 signatures and the Manchester Evening News report of potential closure caused a storm on social media. The ever fresh faced physics hero Brian Cox took to Twitter to slam ”reckless disregard for our future for short-term gain”.   The museum itself has pointed out that it is not about to mothball the engines and slam the doors shut...
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Innovation needs Inspiration


Loz Kaye – Let’s scrap tuition fees


Uni U-turn

Nick Clegg's recent video "apology" about the LibDem U-turn on University tuition fees will impress no-one. Least of all Manchester voters. We're rightly proud of the world class education institutions we have at the heart of our city. But they should be available to all, not just the few who have the resources not to worry about piling up debt. It's extraordinary that LibDem Marc Ramsbottom, who told us he would scrap tuition fees in 2010 is standing again in the Manchester Central b...
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Manchester: Distinction, Gove: Must Try Harder

Congratulations to Manchester students and teachers for this year's GCSE results. The Manchester Evening News is reporting that our schools have gone against the national trend, and overall 53.5% achieved 5 good grades up from 51% last year, while the country as a whole saw a slight drop. St Matthew's High in Moston achieved 60% and Manchester Academy in Moss Side saw a rise to 49% getting the good grades. The Manchester results are thanks to everyone working hard under what are often challe...
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Ideas for Manchester

I'm really happy to launch our manifesto for the Manchester Central by-election coming up in November. In the months ahead the reality of the financial crisis and cuts will bite, Manchester is already feeling it. We are in a dire position, but I'm setting out what we need to do about the economy and jobs. We need to have the imagination to use the talent we have here to build jobs with a living wage. And there must be no repeat of mistakes of the credit crunch- I'm calling for real powers...
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Manchester children in overcrowded classrooms

The Manchester Evening News has revealed how our children are being let down by being taught in overcrowded classrooms. Even though we were told over a decade ago that class sizes of over 30 would be made a thing of the past, over a 1000 Manchester infants are being taught in conditions that go over the limit. Part of the reason is that there are more technical exceptions to the law - but the effect is the same. With my background in education I know that class sizes are crucial. It's the dif...
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Open Manchester

The Pirate Party "To do list" - Priorities for Manchester City Council Taking Part Many of us in Manchester feel left out of local politics. Far too few of us think our voice will make a difference, or are able to get involved. In all the wards where the Pirate Party is standing only 1 in 4 people turned out to vote last year. The council has been letting local democracy die away . The council must make a goal of getting more people to participate in elections. Otherwise only a select few ...
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