The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013

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Changes to Voter registration

The way we register to vote is changing from July 2014. The government is describing it as the “biggest change in a generation”. The main difference is that we will all be individually responsible for registering to vote rather than the “head of the household” putting everyone at an address on the same form. Let's face it “head of the household” is a bit outdated in the 21st century, and hopefully the government is right when they say it should make the electoral register more accurate and acco...
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Don’t Lose Your Voice! #NVRD

Make sure you don't lose your voice - your vote is your chance to have your say. Electoral Registration is separate from other parts of administration. Just because you pay tax or have a library card you are not automatically registered to vote. Also if you have moved recently, make sure Electoral Services are aware of your new address. Remember if you are an EU citizen you can vote in the up coming local and EU elections. And frankly with parties like UKIP standing you should really get ...
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Pirate Vote Share Up in Ancoats and Clayton

October 10th's by-election in the Ancoats and Clayton ward saw the Pirate Party's share of the vote increase in the area. People are responding to our alternative vision for Manchester. Once again we beat the LibDems who seem to have given up on North and East Manchester. We were also particularly pleased to beat the BNP - after we had been highlighting how they and UKIP seek to split our communities apart. Worryingly, turnout tumbled to just 13%. We are getting close to the point where j...
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Loz Kaye for Ancoats and Clayton

Loz Kaye is standing in Ancoats and Clayton ward in Manchester in the council election on the 10th of October. He wants to make a difference for people in his community. Its time for an independent voice in Ancoats and Clayton, all the way from the Northern Quarter to Angel Meadow. People in Ancoats and Clayton deserve better.


Airport Dividend: Let the people decide

There is what Manchester Council is describing as a £14.5 million "dividend" from the Manchester Airports Group. It's not really a windfall as the BBC describes it, it's what we own together. In that case it only makes sense that we have a proper say in how it's spent. Yet again, Manchester council executive seems determined to lock Manchester residents out. They have already decided that it is to be spent on things the council is already supposed to do which is managing environmental service...
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Hustings – Friends Meeting House (Part 1)

Attending the 6th of Novembers hustings Manchester central hustings was a good reminder at just how important it is for people to be able to get to know the candidates seeking to represent us in westminster. The event, organised by Friends of the earth and unlock democracy and moderated by Jim Hancock, allowed all the candidates to express their views on a range of issues. Topics discussed included everything from the privatisation of the motorway network to the fluoridation of water. I would...
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Loz Kaye – Why I want to represent you


Make It More Than One In Four

The wards where we are standing in Manchester only 1 in 4 people voted at the last local elections - that means just a few residents get to call the shots on the future of our city. It's time to change that, so don't lose your voice. You can here more about our "Make it More than One in Four" campaign here: Check with the Council that you are registered to vote, you can apply to register up to April 18th for these elect...
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“Democracy is something that happens to other people”

A couple of years ago,  at the 2010 General Elections, everyone was shocked and abhorred that the BNP took 4% of the votes. "Who voted for those fascists?!" and "Where is our Democracy going?" were among the things people were shouting about. And yet only 47% of Mancunians actually went out to vote! This means that 53% stayed at home implying that "Democracy is something  that happens to other people"! Many of them say they are "not interested in Politics", "Politics is boring", "All Politicians...
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