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Council ‘Spy Pads’ Come to Manchester

Council backed Minority Report style ad boards have hit Manchester City Centre streets. When the MiGuide wayfinder scheme was announced it was revealed that “Facial recognition technology built into the screens will enable advertisers to target ads based on the age and gender of users”. Far from finding this creepy, council boss Richard Leese said “these interactive screens are intelligent tools on our streets” as if a new invasion of our privacy was something to be proud of. It is beyond ...
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Manchester Council Hits The Wrong Note

  Council budgets are under pressure right now and so much of our city is in need of regeneration. This is why many have been shocked at the Labour council's decision to blow a whopping £425,000 putting on an MTV concert featuring Alicia Keys. Not content with bank bailouts, we are now getting music industry bailouts as well. This seems all too typical of a town hall that seems obsessed with style over substance. The council has attempted to justify the event by claiming it repres...
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Mayoral Debate Reflection

After a day of deliveries and talking to residents I headed down to the only public debate advertised on the Mayor for Manchester referendum. There was a lively exchange of views, experience and lots of good points made on the "yes" "no" and "maybe" arguments. One of the key concerns of people was the lack of concrete information we have had to go on as voters. This is certainly one of my concerns, and another sign of how we need the council to be more open and accountable. There was widespread ...
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No to NHS Charges in Manchester

Manchester Council is reported to be investigating charging for A and E - in the name of dealing with alcohol related injuries. Councillor Glynn Evans is quoted as saying the best way to change people's attitudes "is to hit them in their pocket". It's vital we defend the principle of the NHS being free at the point of use. I'll oppose any Manchester Council move to undermine that if I am elected. We should be focusing care on helping people with alcohol dependency problems. Hitting peo...
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