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Manchester Labour Break “Zombie” Carpark Pledge

The blight of shoddy parking facilities that many residents have complained about continues in Manchester city centre. Despite pledging to oppose so-called “zombie carparks” Manchester Labour approved a further 6 months for the controversial Oxford Road site, on land formerly occupied by the BBC. This goes completely against council policies such as transport strategy which is meant to improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, promoting sustainable transport, requiring good design and en...
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Successful Action on Abandoned Syringes

We often get reports of abandoned syringes on Manchester land via social media and from door knocking, for example in Clayton and Beswick. This obviously concerns residents, and it's a worrying sign of vulnerable people not getting the support they need. We've recently reported a whole load found in the Piccadilly Basin and Northern Quarter areas. This isn't made any easier by the piecemeal privatisation of space in city. The council won't remove any on private land - so it can be a job findi...
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Zombie Carpark Blight Continues

The greying of Manchester is set to continue as city planners are recommending allowing the carpark on the former Ryans site on Oldham Street. “Zombie Carpark” operators SIP parking swooped in without planning permission after the building burnt down last year. Residents were unimpressed with the blight on the Northern Quarter. Feelings ran so high the Parkstarter initiative came in and turfed over a corner in protest.... Manchester Labour promised an end to ugly carparks popping up. They alr...
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Total Car Parks – Total Disaster

It's been brought to our attention there has been an outbreak of shoddy and frankly dangerous car parks in City Centre ward. There is a lot of rubbish both written about and coming from health and safety, so often it can be hard to remember that being healthy and safe are, well, good things. Managed (in the loosest sense of the term) by Total Car Parks it's very hard to see how they have ever been allowed. River Street car park is in the basement of a half finished shell. There are blocke...
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