The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013

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Ancoats and Clayton- Thanks for your support

Thanks for all the support we have had in the – further- Ancoats and Clayton by-election. What's clear now is we are here to stay in Manchester politics. We held on to our share of the vote, and again we beat the LibDems, BNP and left wing factions. There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the direction Labour is taking the council in, and it's clear that people are not looking to the other big mainstream parties to solve our city's problems. Turnout fell again, to 1 in 10 people voting. We kno...
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Ancoats + Clayton By-election 5th December

From talking to people and social media many in the Ancoats and Clayton ward seem unaware that there is another by-election coming up on December 5th. In fact some we've talked to thought that getting another polling card was a mistake as the last election in the area was as recent as October. It's no mistake, we are going back to the ballot box. You should have had your polling card through if you live in the ward, but you don't need it to vote. If you are in doubt visit the Manchester Counc...
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Loz Kaye for Ancoats and Clayton

Loz Kaye is standing in Ancoats and Clayton ward in Manchester in the council election on the 10th of October. He wants to make a difference for people in his community. Its time for an independent voice in Ancoats and Clayton, all the way from the Northern Quarter to Angel Meadow. People in Ancoats and Clayton deserve better.


10 Steps For A Better Manchester Council

REGENERATION FOR ALL The pace of renovating housing needs to increase from the streets of Clayton right in to the Northern Quarter. Let's change the focus from yet more empty offices to much needed homes. We need a champion to stop poor quality development – too many of us have leaking rooves and problems where we live. Let's stop any more mess ups like the now closed bridge to Cotton Field Park. The council is letting developers and private carparking firms do what they like, then givi...
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Urban Splash to turn Ancoats Dispensary into urban trash

The last listed building in Ancoats / New Islington is now under serious threat. The still beautiful, yet gutted Ancoats dispensary is the last part of a rich heritage. At one point there were 19 grade 2 listed buildings, this is the last one left. Manchester Confidential is now reporting that permission will be given to demolish this Manchester Central architectural jewel if there is not a "viable plan" in place by August the 16th. The building was basically handed to Urban Splash develo...
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Ideas for Manchester

I'm really happy to launch our manifesto for the Manchester Central by-election coming up in November. In the months ahead the reality of the financial crisis and cuts will bite, Manchester is already feeling it. We are in a dire position, but I'm setting out what we need to do about the economy and jobs. We need to have the imagination to use the talent we have here to build jobs with a living wage. And there must be no repeat of mistakes of the credit crunch- I'm calling for real powers...
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Why I’m standing in Manchester Central

Loz Kaye of the Pirate Party appeals to voters to overcome understandable cynicism and go for the opportunities on their own doorsteps During this year's local elections, there was one thing I heard time and again from people I spoke to, whether on the doorstep, in their flats or on the street: I don't vote, because it doesn't change anything. It's this sense of powerlessness over the forces that shape our lives and the space around us that is so worrying in Manchester and the UK to...
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Ancoats Canal Project – June Cleanup

There was a good turnout for the June cleanup for the Ancoats Canal project. This is a great community volunteer scheme helping to look after the environment and heritage in Ancoats and Bradford wards. It's well worth coming along to help out and a great bunch of people. As you'll see from the June pictures on the link, I got to go on a barge too! Loz


A Politics for Open Networks

I  was invited to talk at the 'Open Here' festival, an event at HackLab at the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin.  The event ws organised by the CTVR / The Telecommunications Research Centre, in collaboration with the Dublin Art and Technology Association (D.A.T.A).  It intends to address social, technological and cultural issues surrounding the notion of the digital commons. This is what I said: Networks – Connections The essence of a network is its connections and, indeed, the multipli...
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Manchester children in overcrowded classrooms

The Manchester Evening News has revealed how our children are being let down by being taught in overcrowded classrooms. Even though we were told over a decade ago that class sizes of over 30 would be made a thing of the past, over a 1000 Manchester infants are being taught in conditions that go over the limit. Part of the reason is that there are more technical exceptions to the law - but the effect is the same. With my background in education I know that class sizes are crucial. It's the dif...
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