The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013

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10 Ideas For A Better Manchester

1 Improve Housing Hold housing associations to account and the council should use the powers it has to make for developers and landlords look after property. 2 Regeneration For All The pace of renovating housing needs to increase from the streets of Clayton right in to the Northern Quarter. Let's change the focus from yet more empty offices to much needed homes. 3 Protect Tenants - Bedroom Tax free Manchester People need help and practical support now, not after a General Election...
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Ancoats + Clayton By-election 5th December

From talking to people and social media many in the Ancoats and Clayton ward seem unaware that there is another by-election coming up on December 5th. In fact some we've talked to thought that getting another polling card was a mistake as the last election in the area was as recent as October. It's no mistake, we are going back to the ballot box. You should have had your polling card through if you live in the ward, but you don't need it to vote. If you are in doubt visit the Manchester Counc...
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£300K for G4S

Manchester Council pays fiasco firm G4S more than £300,000 a month. That's millions over a year. This was the firm whose boss Nick Buckles, despite botching the Olympics contract, walked away £16million richer. This is the firm that is under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office for overcharging on tagging contracts. This is the firm that used unacceptable force deporting pregnant woman. This is the firm whose employees falsified a document that led to an asylum seeker being returned home...
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Join the Campaign….

Like a lot of people we're fed up with the mainstream parties and how a tired elite dominate this city. It's a question of time for change or more of the same. Of course change doesn't happen by itself. We're moving forward in Manchester, but we'll need help to keep it up and get the message out. We're out leafleting for the Ancoats and Clayton by-election the weekends of 16th/17th November, 23rd/24th November, and 30th November/1st December. Do join in - details are in the events on the side...
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Loz Candidate in Ancoats and Clayton By-Election

There will be a further by-election in Ancoats and Clayton ward this year on December the 5th following the passing of Councillor Mike Carmody. Loz Kaye will be the Pirate Party's candidate. "It's clear that we need someone who will stand up for everyone in this ward, and that knows it well. We also need an independent voice to stick up for residents. I can be that voice." - Loz People in Ancoats, the top part of the Northern Quarter, Angel Meadow and Clayton should have had their polling ...
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Loz Kaye for Ancoats and Clayton

Loz Kaye is standing in Ancoats and Clayton ward in Manchester in the council election on the 10th of October. He wants to make a difference for people in his community. Its time for an independent voice in Ancoats and Clayton, all the way from the Northern Quarter to Angel Meadow. People in Ancoats and Clayton deserve better.


10 Steps For A Better Manchester Council

REGENERATION FOR ALL The pace of renovating housing needs to increase from the streets of Clayton right in to the Northern Quarter. Let's change the focus from yet more empty offices to much needed homes. We need a champion to stop poor quality development – too many of us have leaking rooves and problems where we live. Let's stop any more mess ups like the now closed bridge to Cotton Field Park. The council is letting developers and private carparking firms do what they like, then givi...
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Candidates Announced in Ancoats & Clayton By-election

The candidates for the Ancoats & Clayton by-election on the 10th October 2013 have now been announced,and Loz Kaye will be standing for the Pirate Party. Manchester Labour have made no secret that they want full control over the council. That's bad for our community, bad for our democracy. It would leave no-one to ask difficult questions, no-one to challenge how our council tax is used. Make sure you don't lose your voice. It's easy to miss out, for example it you've moved recently an...
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Time for Real Regeneration

Ancoats was promised much with the New Islington development. 1,400 homes, shops and restaurants. The highest standards in energy efficiency and building standards. A viable area that will not require further subsidy to sustain it. However, it didn't quite turn out like that. Over the last few months it's become clear that the building standards were substandard. We've seen the bridge from Bengal Street to Cotton Field Park be sealed up. This was despite it being described as “robust yet eleg...
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Edward Snowden Mural in Manchester

A new addition to Manchester's Northern Quarter - a mural of mass surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden. This is painted by Sarah Lynn Mayhew of SLM art, Mancunian Matters reported on her interest in sparking debate. It certain has done that as well as lifting the area.


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