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Manchester Central has significant problems. Just under half of of our children live in poverty, in some parts of the city social housing is substandard or simply unavailable. Unemployment is higher than the UK average. Even so, we have the imagination, knowledge and spirit to solve our problems right here. After all, this constituency is also the home of the Etihad stadium, the University that discovered graphene and where the Hacienda
was born.

Developers reshape our cities, rename our districts but don’t live up to their promises. Some fail to maintain what they have built, some are unwilling to preserve those aspects of our common heritage they are responsible for. I want to make sure that powers exist and are used to ensure developers are held to account and that our historic buildings are preserved. We need to look after what we have left as well as building a better Manchester. Rather than turning parts of our city in to lifeless areas, we need to work together to get the most out of our city.

If we want Manchester to compete effectively, we need better connections between the city and the rest of the UK. The government has not properly committed to the Northern rail hub, it should be guaranteed, and the whole investment brought forward.

Metrolink continues to be dogged by all too frequent delays and problems, a clear plan and transparency are vital for improvement. Business leaders in Manchester have been highlighting that they simply do not have the digital connectivity they need to carry out their work and grow. It’s time that the government listened and invested in the infrastructure that Manchester business needs.

Manchester needs someone that can fight its corner and I think I can do that. Together we can build new homes, create new jobs and businesses if we have the investment Manchester deserves. We can build on our heritage to make sure that the Manchester that we love is truly ready for the 21st century, and a city where all of us can get our fair share.

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