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Manifesto Health thumbnail✔ Protect the NHS
✔ No NHS Charges
✔ Let Doctors Treat
✔ No Knee-jerk Policy
✔ Patients not Patents

We must secure the NHS for now and the future. Instead of dogma, the NHS should be about what works. There should be no compulsion to outsource services if they can be more effectively or cheaply done in house. Doctors must not be burdened with administration, they must be allowed to focus on patients.

There must be complete transparency about the decision making for our health service, the risk register must be published. If we are going to have a cost effective health service available to all, then it must no longer be a blank cheque for big pharmaceutical companies. We should end drug patents and use the money saved to invest in research and reversing cuts.

I believe we can all make positive choices about our own health. To help, food labelling should be as clear and easily understandable as possible. Advice on getting healthy should also be available easily, without bias from companies that seek to make money from fitness fads and dietary supplements. We must make sure the ill are not exploited, and crack down on misleading quack and ‘miracle’ cures.

The use of recreational drugs should be seen as a health issue and the NHS is best placed to help in tackling addiction, educating and reducing harm to individuals. This approach must be evidence lead, not subject to knee-jerk reactions or election year promises.

I would not support any charges for access to healthcare, nor could I support any other measure that makes access to care more difficult for people. Our aim should be to help people see a doctor or nurse when they need to, and have access to vaccinations and preventative care. It will keep us healthier and reduce costs. The health of our young people needs to be protected. Vaccination should be broadened where it is effective, for instance giving the HPV vaccine to boys as is now recommended.

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