The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013

Manchester Manifesto

Not in debt to a party with national interests, Loz Kaye can represent you in Manchester:
During this year’s local elections, there was one thing I heard time and again from people I spoke to, whether on the doorstep, in their flats or on the street: “I don’t vote, because it doesn’t change anything”.

Manifesto CoverIt’s this sense of powerlessness over the forces that shape our lives and the space around us that is so worrying in Manchester and the UK today. Creeping privatisation means every aspect of our society is being divided up and parceled out. It can be impossible to find out who is responsible for the most basic aspects of our environment, public space and services, let alone get anyone to do anything. It is a society easy to feel powerless in.

We are constantly under surveillance, whether it is by Europe’s biggest army of CCTV cameras or by companies like ATOS to check we are ill enough. In a country of physical barriers, many find that the online world is a virtual place to reclaim some freedom. But here, too, we are increasingly to be watched and restricted, while government and courts gather powers to disconnect us, block websites and monitor what we say and do.

Our governments have created a state where the default answer is ‘No’. In this ‘No’ culture it’s not surprising that people in Manchester Central feel that nothing can change. This is, more than anything, what I want to address. At the heart of Pirate Party politics is the right for everyone to share knowledge and take an equal part in society. That is the way to take control over the world around us, particularly in these difficult economic times.

I don’t accept that Manchester, or the country at large, is a helpless victim. True, we have more than our fair share of serious problems, but the solutions have to come from our own invention and imagination. Tax cuts won’t magically make that happen, nor will relying on big corporates to balance the books. From the innovative businesses springing up in old mills, to hacker cafés, to dedicated community activists, our constituency is teeming with ideas. Let’s set these ideas free to break out of the cycle of powerlessness, end the closed off society and connect up a city
where we can all innovate and prosper.

The solutions to our problems, and inspiration to really make the kind of Britain we want, are right here in Manchester. Every policy is just an idea, a way to do it and evidence that it will work. Everybody can get involved in that, everyone has something to contribute. That’s why I’m standing. To help bring those ideas out, share them and get them working. Here I’m setting out a whole range of positive proposals for a Manchester Central where everyone really can get their fair share.

This manifesto should give you some idea as to what I think we we need to fix and what we can achieve as a society. These positions give you an idea of how I would vote if I were elected and give you some idea of what I believe in. I hope that you can take the time to read them and that in November you will vote for someone who will represent what you want for Manchester.

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