The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013

Help Give Manchester a Different Voice

Help Give Manchester a Different Voice Hi - I'm Loz Kaye! It's time for Manchester Central to have an independent voice. I want to stand to restore faith in our broken democracy, to speak out for our freedoms and make a Manchester – and country- where everyone can get their fair share. I've been backing grassroots campaigns to stop companies ruining our city by letting buildings stand empty when they should be used to benefit the community. I've been challenging the Manchester planning co...
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Beat The Snoopers: Manchester Cryptoparty

Government mass surveillance is big news again, with Obama admitting maybe things have got a bit out of hand. But as ever, there is no guarantee of protection from the NSA for foreigners. We're figuring that Mancunians count as foreigners in POTUS's book. So you can learn more about how to protect your privacy and look after your data right here thanks to the folks at Cryptoparty Manchester. They have announced the city's first Free Software festival for February, opening at MadLab on Mond...
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Be A Council Candidate!

We're looking ahead to council elections in Manchester this May already. The Labour party have made no secret that they want a one party state of Mancunia. That will be bad for our communities, bad for our city, bad for democracy. So, we're after people to step up and be candidates for the Pirate Party in Manchester. You don't have to have any particular background, just to want real change in this city. Don't leave it to the same old tired lot. It's time to offer a different vision for housi...
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Cannabis Cafe Debate

Reports by the Manchester Evening News that campaigner Colin Davies is to open a “cannabis cafe” in the Northern Quarter has certainly kicked off a debate in the city. It has always been the Pirate Party's point of view that policy on drugs needs to be driven by evidence, and not hysteria. It's vital that it becomes an issue of health policy, not policing. Loz Kaye debated the case with a city centre councillor in the Manchester Evening News – link here.


Election Day for Ancoats & Clayton!

Today is election day! With all the hard work that has been put in (even if it isn't quite finished) it is important that we absolutely make the most of these last few hours. If you are registered and in Ancoats & Clayton, please go and vote and encourage others to vote.  If you are voting Pirate, let people know why! Even if you aren't, today is the last day where you can make the case that a vote for Loz and the Pirate Party is the right thing to do here. Talk to your friends and family...
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10 Ideas For A Better Manchester

1 Improve Housing Hold housing associations to account and the council should use the powers it has to make for developers and landlords look after property. 2 Regeneration For All The pace of renovating housing needs to increase from the streets of Clayton right in to the Northern Quarter. Let's change the focus from yet more empty offices to much needed homes. 3 Protect Tenants - Bedroom Tax free Manchester People need help and practical support now, not after a General Election...
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The Manchester Pirates now have their own Meetup!

As of yesterday, a new Meetup has been set up for all Manchester-based Pirates and their friends: Manchester Pirates! An official Meetup organised by Pirate Party UK aiming to bring together Pirates and would-be Pirates in Greater Manchester by meeting once a month in an informal setting (cafe, pub) to spread the word about current issues affecting our digital freedoms and online privacy, and freedom of speech in Social Media, as well as to organise specific actions to address them (resea...
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Threat to Libraries

Six of Manchester's libraries - in New Moston, Miles Platting, Northenden, Levenshulme, Burnage and Fallowfield are under threat of closure from June 29th. There have been promises to replace the services with community libraries, but these plans have in reality been derided as little more than a "cardboard box of books in the corner" even by Labour councillors. There was a reported reprieve, but this still remains in doubt as the Council Executive have given campaigners just to the end of Ju...
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Holland Street Community Garden Opening

This came our way so we thought we'd pass it on. Holland Street Community garden opening in Miles Platting:


Manchester Cuts

Manchester is under huge pressure to make cuts to balance the budget, and that is affecting services here in our city. But as ever with this council it feels like decisions are being taken first and questions asked later. It's clear that communites are having to act for themselves like the Save Withington Baths campaign, when the alternatives are coalition LibDems or Manchester Labour threatening closures of vital facilities. Loz Kaye writes about the cuts and a stormy meeting for the Guardia...
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