The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013

Help Give Manchester a Different Voice

Help Give Manchester a Different Voice Hi - I'm Loz Kaye! It's time for Manchester Central to have an independent voice. I want to stand to restore faith in our broken democracy, to speak out for our freedoms and make a Manchester – and country- where everyone can get their fair share. I've been backing grassroots campaigns to stop companies ruining our city by letting buildings stand empty when they should be used to benefit the community. I've been challenging the Manchester planning co...
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The Right To Protest

Like cities across the UK Manchester has seen protests about the current crisis unfolding in Gaza. As a city and citizens, what we do is connected to the rest of the world, and of course that includes what happens in our city centre and how we shop. Manchester's Labour council has chosen to react to this not by taking on Mancunians' concerns, but by ramping up spin against protests. The pressure was to abandon speaking out. Chief Constable Peter Fahy made ridiculous claims that the city centr...
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Manchester Labour Break “Zombie” Carpark Pledge

The blight of shoddy parking facilities that many residents have complained about continues in Manchester city centre. Despite pledging to oppose so-called “zombie carparks” Manchester Labour approved a further 6 months for the controversial Oxford Road site, on land formerly occupied by the BBC. This goes completely against council policies such as transport strategy which is meant to improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, promoting sustainable transport, requiring good design and en...
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July Meetup

Let's meet and chat about current affairs and how they affect normal citizens, including civil liberties, digital rights, internet filters and censorship, individual privacy vs public security, British Politics, EU Politics, the forthcoming General Elections, and anything else each of us likes. Time- Sunday 27th July 5PM to 7PM Venue- Bar Eight Unit 1, Middle Warehouse, Castle Quay, M15 4NT, Manchester  


Success as Councillors Forced to Act on #BetterBroadband

Ever since we started campaigning in the centre of Manchester we have been highlighting the importance of everyone being able to take part in the digital revolution and working for world class infrastructure in our city. In particular back in 2012 we were calling for both homes and businesses to be included in fibre rollouts right the way through. It's good to see that now Manchester's politicians have finally caught up a bit of the way to what the city needs and have admitted that the sta...
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Spring Cancelled: Trees Crushed at Pomona

Now spring is on its way it's a bit of a chance to get out and enjoy the warmth when it comes and plants starting to come in to bud. One favourite spot for people from Manchester, Salford and Trafford alike is the stretch along the canal between Cornbrook and Pomona. It's one of the few big open spaces at the heart of Greater Manchester. Its wildness is for many a blessed contrast to the deathly dull of places like Spinningfield. City residents were then alarmed and dismayed to see landowne...
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March Meetup ! :)

March Pirate Meetup will be on Sunday 23rd, at Deansgate Waterstones cafe, 91 Deansgate, M3 2BW, Manchester, 2.30-5 PM. **Rescheduling to the 3rd Sunday of the month, as the 30th is Mother's day so it's possible that no one will be around** Come and chat life, politics, the Internet, and everything with some thoughtful and yet entertaining people!


Loz Talks to Mancunion

The Pirate Party has always been passionate about giving young people a voice. A voice that is so often ignored by other parties. At the heart of our programme is reversing tuition fees, ending age discrimination in the benefits system, supporting votes at 16, and reinstating EMA. So Loz was happy to be interviewed by Mancunion - the student newspaper at Manchester University. He talked to Sam Dumitriu about surveillance, filters, and politics in general you can read the interview here.



Manchester was filled with the sound of an incessant irritating droning again this week. No, not the latest from the council executive, but the unearthly vibrating hum of the Beetham Tower fin which howls in high winds. Some people have come to accept this sound which could be mistaken for a prelude to alien invasion. However it really is quite annoying for many, particularly for residents close by, and it can be heard right through large parts of the city. It feels a bit typical of how devel...
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Council Dismisses LGBTQ Community Concerns About Pride

The Council chose to dismiss LGBTQ community concerns about Manchester Pride in their Neighbourhoods Committee and ignore them in their sketchy 3 page report on the annual festival. The biggest concern remains the fall in charitable donations- from 2011's £107,000 to 2012's £52,000 to 2013's announced £34,000. What is also of real concern is the lack of clarity over the nature of that £34,000 figure. It was reported that in 2012 the charitable contributions were topped up out of reserve funds...
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