The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013

Environment Worries After Clayton Fire

Residents and canal users have voiced concern after a dramatic blaze at a pharmaceutical development plant in Clayton. Following the fire what the Manchester Evening News described as a "wall of foam" built up along the Ashton canal by the Etihad Campus. By late afternoon on Easter Monday pollution had spread all the way along the canal from Beswick to Holt Town. The sight was a grim one on what should be the pride of Manchester, our historic waterways. The company Carbogen Amcis who run t...
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Help Give Manchester a Different Voice

Help Give Manchester a Different Voice Hi - I'm Loz Kaye! It's time for Manchester Central to have an independent voice. I want to stand to restore faith in our broken democracy, to speak out for our freedoms and make a Manchester – and country- where everyone can get their fair share. I've been backing grassroots campaigns to stop companies ruining our city by letting buildings stand empty when they should be used to benefit the community. I've been challenging the Manchester planning co...
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Manchester- 2 in 5 Kids in Poverty

The latest figures on child poverty make chilling reading. Yet again Manchester is topping the parts of the country blighted by children in need. The numbers are stark. Overall nearly 2 in every 5 kids live in poverty in our city. 43% in Ancoats. 46% in Cheetham. 49% in Moss Side – that's practically half of all children. There is no doubt that families are feeling the pinch from rising costs and disastrous policies under this government like the Bedroom Tax. But also the Labour party have...
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Bin Labour’s Privatisation

Fears for public services. Residents,Unions and workers have reacted angrily to plans to fully privatise Manchester's bin collection and street cleaning service. Labour bosses chose to follow on in the footsteps of Thatcher at their Executive Meeting. Currently the bin collection is partly outsources and street cleaning is handled by the Town Hall. Jimmy Thornton, speaking for the Union Unite warned that the terms and conditions of workers could be at risk thanks to the the plans. "The ...
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Success as Councillors Forced to Act on #BetterBroadband

Ever since we started campaigning in the centre of Manchester we have been highlighting the importance of everyone being able to take part in the digital revolution and working for world class infrastructure in our city. In particular back in 2012 we were calling for both homes and businesses to be included in fibre rollouts right the way through. It's good to see that now Manchester's politicians have finally caught up a bit of the way to what the city needs and have admitted that the sta...
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Successful Action on Abandoned Syringes

We often get reports of abandoned syringes on Manchester land via social media and from door knocking, for example in Clayton and Beswick. This obviously concerns residents, and it's a worrying sign of vulnerable people not getting the support they need. We've recently reported a whole load found in the Piccadilly Basin and Northern Quarter areas. This isn't made any easier by the piecemeal privatisation of space in city. The council won't remove any on private land - so it can be a job findi...
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Focus on Canal Safety

City Centre and Ancoats residents have become increasingly worried following a number of recent deaths and incidents along the city's canals. Neither the council nor the police have really acted to reassure people following some alarmist press reporting. We have been taking practical steps- we had already pointed out that lighting along the Ashton Canal by Piccadilly has not been maintained. This has created some unnecessary dark patches on what is now a major route for people walking through...
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Beat The Snoopers: Manchester Cryptoparty

Government mass surveillance is big news again, with Obama admitting maybe things have got a bit out of hand. But as ever, there is no guarantee of protection from the NSA for foreigners. We're figuring that Mancunians count as foreigners in POTUS's book. So you can learn more about how to protect your privacy and look after your data right here thanks to the folks at Cryptoparty Manchester. They have announced the city's first Free Software festival for February, opening at MadLab on Mond...
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Victory (For Now) On Zombie Carparks

Following Pirate Party Manchester's focus on landgrabs in the city for ugly pop up carparks the council's planning committee threw back the bid by Simple Intelligent (sic) Parking with “minded to reject”. So a welcome result for grassroots campaigners who have been fighting for the environment and businesses in the Northern Quarter. Neither SIP, nor were the new Ancoats and Clayton councillors present at the meeting. It's not the end of the road because being a zombie this plan can still ...
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Be A Council Candidate!

We're looking ahead to council elections in Manchester this May already. The Labour party have made no secret that they want a one party state of Mancunia. That will be bad for our communities, bad for our city, bad for democracy. So, we're after people to step up and be candidates for the Pirate Party in Manchester. You don't have to have any particular background, just to want real change in this city. Don't leave it to the same old tired lot. It's time to offer a different vision for housi...
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