The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013


TUC Manifesto Response

We've been asked by Manchester TUC to comment on their priorities for the election. Here we go- Cris Chesha, Candidate Manchester Gorton and Loz Kaye, Candidate Manchester Central 1 Housing Manchester shows the worrying housing inequality that has grown up in our society. In view of the Beetham Tower people are having to bed down to sleep rough. On housing the Pirate Party is committed to - * Affordable homes for all, wherever it is in the country. * Enabling councils to build affordable...
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Environment Worries After Clayton Fire

Residents and canal users have voiced concern after a dramatic blaze at a pharmaceutical development plant in Clayton. Following the fire what the Manchester Evening News described as a "wall of foam" built up along the Ashton canal by the Etihad Campus. By late afternoon on Easter Monday pollution had spread all the way along the canal from Beswick to Holt Town. The sight was a grim one on what should be the pride of Manchester, our historic waterways. The company Carbogen Amcis who run t...
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Help Give Manchester a Different Voice

Help Give Manchester a Different Voice Hi - I'm Loz Kaye! It's time for Manchester Central to have an independent voice. I want to stand to restore faith in our broken democracy, to speak out for our freedoms and make a Manchester – and country- where everyone can get their fair share. I've been backing grassroots campaigns to stop companies ruining our city by letting buildings stand empty when they should be used to benefit the community. I've been challenging the Manchester planning co...
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Policy Process – Set the Agenda for #GE2015

We are running our policy process for 2015 now! This process will run until the 21st of March online and offline and will allow the party to make sure its positions are expanded and up to date, and up to scratch for the General Election. To get it right, we need your help. The last time we did this, we received enough contributions to not only fill a national manifesto, but also to distill down what the Pirate Party stand for in seven simple principles. We saw in action from the ov...
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Greater Manchester Labour in NHS Chaos

Today George Osborne has announced plans to give the Greater Manchester region control of its £6 billion NHS budget. This follows the announcement of the so-called #DevoManc deal transferring powers to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, which is not directly elected. NHS England has issued a statement to diffuse concern about the impact of the changes on standards, organisation and administration, stating that "Any agreement would not require any NHS administrative reorganisation and ...
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DevoManc? Devo Not.

The Greater Manchester devolution deal has taken many in our city aback. Far from empowering people in Manchester by involving them in shaping how our city region is to be run, we have a deal stitched up behind closed doors by the ruling elite. It's also a deal that is clearly formed to help the powers that be hang on to their influence. In the Pirate Party we want to see devolution, but not like this. The Mayor will have to work with the GMCA as their cabinet essentially. If you are wonderin...
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Manchester- 2 in 5 Kids in Poverty

The latest figures on child poverty make chilling reading. Yet again Manchester is topping the parts of the country blighted by children in need. The numbers are stark. Overall nearly 2 in every 5 kids live in poverty in our city. 43% in Ancoats. 46% in Cheetham. 49% in Moss Side – that's practically half of all children. There is no doubt that families are feeling the pinch from rising costs and disastrous policies under this government like the Bedroom Tax. But also the Labour party have...
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Manchester Children’s Service “Inadequate”

Executive fail to grill town hall bosses An inspection by OFSTED in to children in need of help and protection, children looked after and care leavers carrried out in June and July 2014 found services "inadequate". This is the lowest ranking. The report found-  "The authority is not yet delivering good protection help or care for children, young people and families" 486 cases had waited a considerable time for assessment potentially putting children at risk. "mana...
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The Right To Protest

Like cities across the UK Manchester has seen protests about the current crisis unfolding in Gaza. As a city and citizens, what we do is connected to the rest of the world, and of course that includes what happens in our city centre and how we shop. Manchester's Labour council has chosen to react to this not by taking on Mancunians' concerns, but by ramping up spin against protests. The pressure was to abandon speaking out. Chief Constable Peter Fahy made ridiculous claims that the city centr...
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Manchester MPs Back Mass Surveillance

In a stitch up between the 3 big parties Manchester MPs opted to back rushing through “emergency” mass surveillance laws. Back in April the EU and its member countries were told to think again about mass surveillance by the European Court of Justice who found that blanket data collection violated the right to a private life. In other words, keeping a record of your text home asking whether you need to buy milk is not necessary for fighting the bad guys. However, the government along with t...
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