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Zombie Carpark Blight Continues

The greying of Manchester is set to continue as city planners are recommending allowing the carpark on the former Ryans site on Oldham Street. “Zombie Carpark” operators SIP parking swooped in without planning permission after the building burnt down last year. Residents were unimpressed with the blight on the Northern Quarter. Feelings ran so high the Parkstarter initiative came in and turfed over a corner in protest….

Manchester Labour promised an end to ugly carparks popping up. They already failed with the former BBC site on Oxford road. The planning department claimed it would be the best economic option. But just months later iconic pub by the site the Lass O’Gowrie was forced out of business. Far from bringing business in, bad “facilities” like this are depressing areas. The also creating spaces which are a potential crime hazard, which in turn brings in yet more CCTV where none was needed before.

We should be thinking positively on how planning can make our city environment a better place, not just accepting the first shoddy offer.

What you can do.

Tell the councillors responsible- from the Ancoats and Clayton ward- how you feel and ask them to speak up at the planning meeting. Also tell them to oppose retrospective planning permission.

Councillor Ollie Manco
Email: Tweet: @Olliemanco

Councillor Donna Ludford
Email: Tweet: @donnaludford (though she appears not to have actually tweeted yet)

Councillor Mick Loughman

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