The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013

Loz Kaye

Loz Kaye

Loz Kaye – Bradford Ward Manchester

Loz Kaye joined the Pirate Party as he felt, like many people, let down by mainstream politics and politicians.

He took over leadership in 2010 from Andy Robinson. Since then he has become a sought after expert on civil liberties, open society and the power of technology to transform people’s lives. He has appeared on BBC, CNN, Russia Today and has written for the Guardian. He speaks regularly on Pirate Party politics – from the Future Everything Conference in Manchester to events in Brussels and Dublin.

Loz has worked as a teacher, higher education lecturer and musician. In education he has worked with a wide variety of students, from GCSE and University to care homes and learning disabled groups. He runs his own business creating and recording music for national and international markets. His music has been performed widely, including at the Manchester Royal Exchange and Green Room.

”I am passionate about Manchester. But it is time that everyone got to share in opportunities this city has to offer. Too many of the people of Manchester Central have been left behind, and it is time for a strong, independent voice to represent them”.


He has stood in the Manchester Central by-election beating Respect and TUSC amongst others, and in the Bradford Ward council election in 2012 beating the Liberal Democrats.

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6:30 pm Democracy is Broken. Discuss.
Democracy is Broken. Discuss.
Mar 11 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Debate with Pirate Party’s Loz Kaye proposing the motion. Voter turnout keeps going down, support for main parties is in flux, the trust in politicians has never been lower. Comedians who urge young people to join a revolution and abstain from voting top the best seller list and are adored. All over the world, theocracy and dictatorships have rolled back the gains of western democratic model achieved at the end of the Cold War. As Fran O’Leary of the consultancy Lodestone says: “Around 39 per cent of people didn’t cast their vote at the last General Election. This year only 41 per cent of people said they would be certain to vote if there was an immediate election, the lowest level ever recorded by the Hansard Political Engagement Audit, and only 12 per cent of young people said they would definitely cast their vote.” We ask: Is our democracy broken? What kind of legitimacy will evolve from here?
7:00 pm Election Hustings – Hosted by Ma...
Election Hustings – Hosted by Ma...
Mar 19 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Loz Kaye speaking at Election Hustings – Hosted by Manchester Palestine Solidarity. More details to follow.

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