The Pirate Party in Manchester. Looking forward to the Ancoats and Clayton By-election, December 2013

Campaign Spending

Since the 1st of August we have run a number of stalls, canvassed and leafleted all around Manchester and made a number of videos to let people get to know the Party and Loz a little better and we continue to do so.  We have spent the following:

Item(s) Purchased for the Campaigns¹ Cost (or estimate)  Date³ Party/Candidate Spending Supplier
(p) Provision of² £2.00 01st August – 15th November 2012 Candidate Pirate Party UK Volunteers
(p) Technical services (beyond normal op’s) £50.00 01st August – 15th November 2012 Party Pirate Party UK Volunteers
Phone service and calls (01619875944) £1.22 01 August – 01 September 2012 Party Andrews & Arnold
(p) Leaflet Design 187.70 7th September 2012 Party/Candidate Pirate Party UK Volunteers
(p) 300x Printed Leaflets (Vote Loz) £102.11 11th September 2012 Candidate Pirate Party UK
(p) 1000x Printed Leaflets (General) £30.00 14th September 2012 Candidate/Party Pirate Party UK
(p) 10x Printed Posters (Issue Posters) £10.00 22nd September 2012 Party Pirate Party UK
Envelopes £0.97 22nd September 2012 Party Tesco
(p) 600x Printed Leaflets (Manchester) £18.00 22nd September 2012 Candidate Pirate Party UK
(p) Video Production² £345.00 27th September 2012 Candidate Pirate Party UK Volunteers
(p) 500x Printed Leaflets (Manchester) £15.00 27th September 2012 Candidate Pirate Party UK
Phone service and calls (01619875944) £1.28 01st September – 01 October 2012 Party Andrews & Arnold
(p) 500x Printed Leaflets (Miles Platting) £15.00 3rd October 2012 Candidate Pirate Party UK
(p) 500x Printed Leaflets (Ancoats) £15.00 3rd October 2012 Candidate Pirate Party UK
(p) Pages on £0.01 8th October – 15th November 2012 Candidate Pirate Party UK Volunteers
¹ Some material is obtained from reserves from the party (like posters) and may relate to the party not the candidate. Some printing is carried out internally on HP4600 Colour printers, with toner and paper being paid for by the party as a matter of course, the cost of that is estimated.  In both cases these entries will be marked with a (p).  This list will be updated weekly.
² In line with guidance from the electoral commission, where work has been carried out internally by volunteers but notional expenditure is estimated on the basis of a normal commercial rate from quotes for similar work carried our for the party or on quotes offered to carry out the work, this includes things like leaflet design, video production and web design (which are normally carried out by volunteers).
³ In the interests of transparency we are listing all spending related to the party or candidates in and around Manchester from the 1st of August 2012.
If you want to get involved in things like web design, video production or leaflet design in Manchester, your local area of nationally,  get in touch with our campaigns team.  If you have any questions about the spending listed here please get in touch with us and we will endeavour to answer them.


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